White Lake

We drove the car through winding mountain roads, ones where the coziest homes were tucked away between watchful and protective oak and maple and birch trees. The roads that make you aware of all the lives that exist in your peripheral vision, that you know are there but you don’t properly see.
The sun shone down in beams through the treetops, and sparkled on the surface of the river that followed the road. It’s the epitome of summer to me. The sun beating down, windows rolled down as we shout our favorite lyrics to the mountains, your hand drumming on my knee. Seeing water sparkling in the distance, we walked through the tall pine trees standing like statues, their needles giving off a strong, sweet scent that just smells like summer wrapping you in its inviting arms and giving you life.
The glittering lake came into view; we spread our blankets, dropped our bags and walked barefoot to the water’s edge, taking in the view. The lake, shimmering beneath the July sun, was crystal clear, its waves dancing around me, full of people laughing, splashing, playing like children. The sun’s rays beamed down upon the evergreens at the perimeter of the deep blue water, and behind them loomed the white peaks of distant New Hampshire mountains. It looked like a painting.
A vision, of which I’m not positive it’s real life or not, flashed to the forefront of my mind, like I’d witnessed this exact scene before. Looking at the sun-bathed pine trees with the mountains watching over brought a profound sense of peace to my spirit. There was something so deeply spiritual about this view before me. I was overcome with the realization that beautiful scenes like these exist all over the earth every day, whether or not I, or anyone else, is there to witness it. In a matter of hours, these people, who are all soaking in the sun’s rays and splashing around in the water, would go home, the moon will rise over the treetops, the stars will emerge and the soft light of both will cast a mesmerizing stripe of glittering celestial light upon the glassy lake. No one will be there to take in this glorious scene, except perhaps an owl or a few bats hiding in the treetops. But regardless if anyone is there to perceive it, it will happen.
And then it got me thinking, that even if humans, or animals at all, didn’t exist on this planet, the moon would still rise over the mountains, the desert, the ocean; the stars would peer down upon the forests and fields, and the sun would rise and set, warming the earth with no skin to feel it, staining Mother Nature golden with no one to see it and put down in words how magnificent a sight it truly is.

What a blessing it is to have the privilege to experience this planet.



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