I was recently on my phone, switching between the usual three apps, when I decided to go on Tumblr, as I hadn’t in awhile. I used to live on Tumblr, reblogging photo after photo, text post after text post, until I decided to make an Instagram a few years ago, and used that primarily (I’m @violetlotuss on there holla). As I revisited my Tumblr the other day, I looked through all the side-blogs I had, which was like, 11 different ones (I like to organize, idk). Among these were a summer one, a fall one, a Harry Potter one, a One Direction one from that regrettable phase a few years ago…and one dedicated to all my writing.

Many of them didn’t have a lot of posts – maybe an average of a dozen each. I decided to scroll through to take one last look before I deleted them and went back to just having my main blog. I quickly scrolled through the Harry Potter one, which featured a couple posts explaining fan theories and a few funny GIFs. Then I proceeded to the red “Delete Blog” link with no hesitation.

“Are you sure you want to delete this blog?”

“Yes.” And that was that.

Then it logged me out.

I tried to log back in, to no avail. The awful realization that I had just deleted my entire six-year-old Tumblr account set in. I tried logging in again. Nothing.

This honestly sounds like a crappily written millennial horror story. A deleted Tumblr account?! Anything but that!!!

But included alongside my main blog, the Harry Potter blog, and the other random ones, was the one dedicated to all my writing.

It’s not all bad. All my writing, which includes poems, essays, journal entries, creative nonfiction, and even some school assignments I wanted to keep, is somewhere either on my computer, or buried deep within my many journals (I have 16 that I’ve filled over the last 5 years or so). But that blog was a sacred space of sorts. Somewhere to go when life happened, when I needed vent or was inspired at two o’clock in the morning. Years of writing accumulated in one spot that was like a window into my mind and heart, gone in a matter of seconds. (I blame Mercury retrograde to extent…)

So this is that new sacred space. A new place for me to come and empty  my mind, share a poem here and there, or talk about things that are going on in the world. It’s a new slate, and I’m excited to begin.

Thanks for reading



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